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Please note I'm currently working on the new site. I didn't want to take the site offline though, so you can still visit it. However me working on the site while it's still online means a lot of the pages will appear wonky. But not to worry, it won't take too long. Happy
22 Jan 2014 - 13:00

I just read on Tweakers / that EA Netherlands is supposedly closing their marketing department. I have no official word on this yet. And I'm not sure what it means for the Dutch community. But it comes to me as quite a shock. I hope these are just rumours and nothing more! When we know more, we'll report it here!

1 Jan 2014 - 17:57

Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a great New Year celebration! I celebrated it with my family. We had raclette for dinner. And at midnight we had oliebollen and some sparklers!

I hope 2014 will be another great year for everyone. SNW has done pretty good in 2013. I intend to make 2014 an even better year. Happy

I hereby would like to announce three things!


SNW on deviantArt

I recently started using one of my old deviantArt accounts, changed the name and contents. And it's now snwgames on dA. I will upload some screenshots and other Simsy stuff. So if you are on dA, feel free to watch snwgames there as well! I will watch back all Sims related accounts. Happy


Live Streams and Let's Plays(?)

I have been debating whether or not I should do Let's Plays for a long time now. I am pretty camera shy, and I'm also not quite comfortable with my own voice. It's even worse in another language. However I have decided I will do some live streams every now and then. It's a good way to overcome my fears haha. The live streams will be Sims related, but also SimCity and other games such as Minecraft. At first I probably won't be talking, I've turned off my mic completely. It's likely I will change this as time progresses. I have been testing the live streams already on my Twitch channel. The Sims 3, The Sims 2, and Minecraft all work fine. I haven't been able to get The Sims working properly yet but I am determined to get that one working as well. I have so many games and I realize a lot of people just like looking at whatever it is other people do in their games. So that is one of the resolutions I have for SNW! For the old skool members and visitors here, you may remember that I broadcasted my Sims 2 game back in 2005? I really liked that! We could definitely do that again. The question is, do I play and talk in English or in Dutch? I prefer English, and I think most of the visitors do too.


Finally: a new team member; Marii!

I have been running SNW by myself most of the time. Throughout the years we had some moderators on our forums and such. And occassionally someone wrote a short article about a new pack. But most of the work here is done by myself. And even though I am proud of that, I am not opposed to anyone joining the team. Like most people, I am very busy with real life stuff, and have a hard time doing it all on my own. I have every intention in continuing doing a lot of things on SNW, but it's nice if there are talented people who want to help out. Marii has written reviews for SNW before, and recently she also did a Dutch video review on Midnight Hollow. She has her own Sims channel where she does Dutch Let's Play videos. Go check it out! Anyway the big news is, Marii is joining SNW officially as a team member! :D Give her a warm welcome!

9 Oct 2013 - 00:32

Just a really quick update to let you all know that I'm trying my best to keep the website up to date with news, previews, reviews, downloads and more. But it's hard when you run a bilingual website on your own. So please bare with me! Also, I'd like to announce that more changes are coming to the website. I can't tell anything yet, but as usual it's going to be AWESIM!

For sneak peeks and updates be sure to follow SNW on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well! I often post quick updates through social media, so if you want to stay up to date, you know what to do! :D

17 Sep 2013 - 17:30

A couple of days ago Greg from SimCookie and myself announced the official release date of Belmont! Curious yet? It's October 3, 2013! Mark your calendars, one way or another! Belmont is coming! :D

9 Aug 2013 - 09:32

The official gamescom app is now available in the app stores free of charge.

The free gamescom app is available for iOS and android and also as a web app for all other important operating systems and browsers.

The gamescom app is a cooperative project between the German Trade Association of Interactive Entertainment Software (BIU) and Inside Guidance, supported by Koelnmesse.

In time for the start of gamescom, the new and official gamescom app is now available to you. In a few days, gamescom will opens its doors in Cologne and the anticipation of the world's largest trade fair and event highlight for interactive games and entertainment knows no bounds.

With the free gamescom app for iPhone as well as android smartphones, you can be perfectly prepared for gamescom.
You can use the gamescom app to easily find all brands, events, highlights, the best trailers and top products on your smartphone or tablet PC.

9 Aug 2013 - 00:32

Even the SimGurus can’t escape #SharkWeek! #sims #thesims #simguru #ea #electronicarts #maxis #plumbob

7 Aug 2013 - 19:06

Another day beginning at the studio!

3 Aug 2013 - 00:38

I've been on a trip for a few days and knew I couldn't play Sims. I intended to create my very own Freezer Bunny and guess what? I did! I made my own pattern and ordered materials some time ago. And this week I started working on it. It took only a few hours. I promised to show you all this awesim secret on Sunday. But I went home a day early! I realize the Freezer Bunny I created is far from perfect. :P In my defense it's my first plushie in many years. I haven't made one in 20 years! I will upload the DIY pattern and instructions soon on SNW. Are you excited? :D

3 Aug 2013 - 00:14

Earlier today Inside EA mentioned on Twitter that EA is looking for a Senior Game Designer at Maxis! It looks like were getting a new mobile game. My guess is that maybe it's mobile version of The Sims 4. What do you think?

Join EA and work on a new mobile Sims game as the next Sr. Game Designer for Maxis!  #hotjobsfriday

19 Jul 2013 - 08:40

If you follow SimGuruRiley on Twitter you may have seen these pics already. We all love Freezer Bunny. And guess who is out and about at Comic Con? Yeah, Freezer Bunny! And SimGuruSteph is also there, so I collected photos/tweets from both of them this time!


Should #FreezerBunny line up at Hall H?


#FreezerBunny #ComicCon2013  more fun from the show floor


#FreezerBunny  just found some fans at #ComicCon2013


#FreezerBunny catches a ride up to Ralphs at #ComicCon2013


#FreezerBunny  headed back out on the show floor of #ComicCon




#FreezerBunny rolling on the show floor of #ComicCon2013


Joining at SDCC! #Freezerbunny meets Catwoman!


#FreezerBunny the city awaits.



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