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Please note I'm currently working on the new site. I didn't want to take the site offline though, so you can still visit it. However me working on the site while it's still online means a lot of the pages will appear wonky. But not to worry, it won't take too long. Happy

This holiday season, we are celebrating a fantastic year with 12 days of gifts! Check back every day from December 19, 2013 to December 31, 2013 for a free gift! As you collect your surprise, make sure you check the sales category too! We’re going to be rotating one exciting item EVERY day so you’ll never know what you might get!

Some early Sims 3 Base Game concept art of Magic Gnomes. Enjoy!


It’s time for an update again!

+ Added broadcasting integration (see below)
* Improved Realms menus
* Fixed render distance above 8
* Various bugs have been taken care of

To use the Twitch broadcasting you need to link your Mojang account with your Twitch account. This only works with migrated accounts (in other words, if you login using your email address instead of your username, you can use the Twitch integration). The linking is done via the account settings, which can be found here:

The live chat has started, you can watch it here!

So I recently subscribed to Die Sims: Das Offizielle Magazin which is the German official magazine. As you may remember SNW was one of 40 lucky fansites and active community members to be invited to a unique event called Sims Camp. Well the official German magazine has a piece on Sims Camp in the 6/13 issue. And I was interviewed as well! Thought it was fun to point that out. If you have the chance to buy it, you can read the Sims Camp piece with me in it, as well as other attendants!


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