Simpedia: The Sims: Unleashed

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51 Ridge Road
52 Ridge Road
50 Ridge Road
63 Gunther Goth Highway
63 Gunther Goth Highway (Burb house)
56 Ingleside Drive
56 Ingleside Drive (Kat house)
76 Gunther Goth Highway

The Sims have pets!

Give your Sims the chance to add a furry friend to the family. Housebreak your pets, train them to do tricks, buy them toys, treats, and accessories, and do your best to keep them from destroying the house!


  • Add A Pet To Your Family: Visit the pet store and adopt a dog, a cat or another pet for your Sims.
  • Bigger Neighborhoods: Now with 40 residential and community lots you can create new parks, cafes, shops, and a market.
  • More Careers: 5 new careers with 50 new jobs. Now your Sim can choose a career in Animal Care, Culinary, Circus, Fashion, or Education.
  • 125+ New Items: Grow a harvest of vegetables in the Vegetable Garden or get soaked trying to wash your pet in the Pet Bath.
Release Date US: 
1 Oct 2002
Release Date EU: 
3 Oct 2002
Release Date UK: 
4 Oct 2002
Release Date (Mac): 
8 Jan 2003