Simpedia: The Sims: Expansion Collection, volume one

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Two Hit Expansion Packs!

This collection includes two great expansion packs for The Sims: Unleashed and House Party.

The Sims Have Pets!

  • In The Sims: Unleashed, you can add a furry friend to your Sims family. Housebreak your pets, train them to do tricks, buy them toys, and do your best to keep them from destroying the house!
  • 40 New residential and community lots from parks to cafes.

It's Party Time!

  • In The Sims: House Party, you decide if it's time for your Sims to hoedown at a country barn dance, chow down at a tropical luau, or go underground at a rave. Will your party be a smash or a snore?
  • Rock the house with new music, dance styles, and exciting characters.

225+ New Items

  • Pet Gym: Even your pets can use some exercise.
  • Vegetable Garden: Grow and harvest a variety of vegetables.
  • Costume Trunk: Pick your outfit from togas to hula skirts.
  • Bubble Maker: Join in the soothing activity of blowing bubbles.

Release Dates

Release Date US: 
15 Mar 2005