The Sims comes in at #2!

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Friday, December 10, 1999 - 22:00

Talk about big news. CNET Gamecenter has selected The Sims as one of the "ten most exciting games of 2000."

Gamecenter Review

Of next year's games, The Sims is the hardest to define, but it's also the most intriguing. Developer Will Wright gained fame by creating the popular SimCity series, and with The Sims, he turns his eyes toward the more intimate canvas of the family household. Don't think of The Sims as just SimHouse, though: it's much, much more. Wright drew inspiration for the game from everything from home design software kits to his daughter's dolls. The result is sure to harness players' imaginations in the same way that SimCity did.

Throughout the course of the game, you'll guide your Sims through their lives, from bachelorhood (or bachelorette-hood) to dating and courtship to marriage and the family. Eventually, you'll build a small neighborhood of houses, and you'll watch the social interactions that occur between your Sims. You'll handle every major decision, from whom they date to how much they splurge on a top-notch home entertainment center. If that kind of godlike control doesn't whet your gaming appetite, not much will.

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