Please note I'm currently working on the new site. I didn't want to take the site offline though, so you can still visit it. However me working on the site while it's still online means a lot of the pages will appear wonky. But not to worry, it won't take too long. Happy


Laslo Playz: Jij ontvangt de Sims 4 mok, Sims laptopsticker, Sims pen, Sims 4 markeerstift/spuitje, Sims 4 reageerbuis, en een Sims kalender!

Sims 4 print winnaars:

  • Kim Trotter
  • Anouk van Put
  • Lovely Simmer
  • Britt & Kyan

Star Wars Freezer Bunny illustratie print winnaars:

  • Djeranotjuh
  • Sella Su

Alle winaars van harte gefeliciteerd! Iedereen bedankt voor het meedoen. En bedankt EA Benelux voor de goodies!

Om te winnen, zorg dat je geabonneerd bent op dit kanaal, en laat me even weten waarom jij deze goodies wilt winnen! ♥

Internationale winactie:

Heel erg bedankt EA Benelux voor de goodies! ♥

Haven't uploaded any new goodies recently, but I'm back! And just so you know, there is more to come, very soon! Because of the holidays, I decided to make a couple of cool Spore wallpapers! There are 2 new wallpapers, featuring my new Snow Man building I made with Spore. The wallpapers come in many resolutions and for plenty of devices.

Now that our new website is online, it's time for you to check out our goodies such as desktop wallpapers. They come in many resolutions to choose from. Here is one of my favorites:

More will follow soon, so keep an eye on this fansite! Wink

I received a mail from MaxisCactus about a new fansite kit for Galactic Adventures.

Hey everyone,

We just wanted to let you know early that we've posted a new Galactic Adventures fansite kit on Inside you'll find desktop backgrounds, banners, a poster and more!

EA has made a nice wallpaper so you can start feeling the Christmas spirit!

If you don't have a winter themed desktop or wallpaper yet, why not download this winter-y Spore wallpaper?

After receiving a mail from MaxisCactus yesterday about Spore Sculptures, I now present you the official press release about these sculptures.

I wish they were cheaper. Me being European I'd have to pay shipping on top of the price of the sculpture. I don't think it'll be something I can afford. Too bad, because I'd really love to have one of my creatures as a sculpture!

Planetwide Media Announces the MashON Spore E-Card Creator

Unique online application allows players to create and send their own Spore universe to friends around the world