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Little Kids RockDuring the month of April, we'll donate 10% of the proceeds from the sale of $40, $80, and $160 SimPoint Bundles to Little Kids Rock!

Here are the first official screenshots of The Sims 3 Generations:

Today EA announced the newest expansion pack for The Sims 3: Generations. Below is the official press release!


Newest Expansion Pack to Critically-acclaimed The Sims 3 Brings New Activities, Celebrations, Drama and Ways to Be Creative Through Each of Life’s Stages from Child to an Adult

Grilled CheeseWhat dish in The Sims games could be more iconic than the Grilled Cheese sandwich?

We’re so excited to hear that April is Grilled Cheese month! And what better way to celebrate this iconic sandwich than with you awesome Simmers?

For the month of April we invite you to take part in these fun activities! RSVP to our even on Facebook and take part in the sharing.

Unfortunately The Sims Medieval doesn't offer the possibility to create stories within the game. Well of course, you can make screenshots... But there is no way to actually create a story to share with your friends online. That's about to change though! A couple of fansites have gathered and created a website with the main goal to let people upload their Medieval stories online! The website is called The Sims Medieval Stories. Click the logo to visit the website. Please note it's still in beta stage right now.

Community Interview

Recently EA revealed to fansites that a first expansion for The Sims Medieval is in the making: "The Sims Medieval: Dark Nights." To accompany the announcement, several sites were invited to have a joint interview Will Wright. We'll be posting the full interview soon, once we get the announcement. For now we are already allowed to post a few snippets of the interview:

Here's a sneak peek of new items coming to The Sims 3 Store very soon!

The video is at 43K which means the Random WINNING GIveaway has ended. Thank you for participating and supporting our channel. The video almost has 2,000 Comments in less than a week! Go here to check the names of the random recipients who will receive The Sims 3 posters and a t-shirt.

Check the names

Did you miss last week's giveaway? Now is your chance to participate in another one! Join "Random WINNING Giveaway" by Subscribing to our channel and leaving a comment on the Charlie Sheen is WINNING in The Sims 3 video for a chance to receive Posters and a t-shirt. The giveaway ends when the video reaches 40K total views. Come back daily and post new comments on the video to increase your chances in being randomly selected

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