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We have it all today. The winners of the Winter Wallpaper contest, downloads of SimShow and The Sims HomeCrafter!

Will Wright will be chating on January 20, 10 a.m., PST. invites you to" with Will Wright, chief game designer for Maxis, creators of SimCity, about his new game The Sims." Chat Calendar

FullOn3d had a chance to interview The Sims Producer Kana Ryan. FullOn3d said: "Well, I think it is one of those games you are gonna have to play to fully understand. But since it isn't out yet, I figure maybe Kana could fill everyone in on the game a bit."

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Here is your chance to bring up a Sim baby. This cry baby is all yours to play with, sing to and feed. Beware: If you leave your baby alone, you might just hear about it.

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The end is near; the end to our Winter Wallpaper Contest, that is. You could be our next winner! The last day to enter is this Friday. All entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. PST, January 14, 2000. Bring on the snowflakes, snowwomen, iceskaters, snowboarders...

Winter Wallpaper Contest

Pre-order The Sims from and they'll give you nine extra Sims for your game. "These skins have customized appearances to enhance your Sim world."

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Whether he is simulating an ant colony, the world, or a family in his latest upcoming creation, The Sims, Will Wright doesn't just think outside the box, he blows the box to smithereens.

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What a great SimDay! Luc Barthelet, General Manager of Maxis stopped by to talk, joke and answer your questions. Keep your eyes and ears open for more "Special Guest Chats." I see Will Wright in your future.

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