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Which outfit would your Sim wear to a party this summer?

Where will your Sims WooHoo first in #TheSims4?

What will your Sims favourite dance move be?

What is your Sim grilling this 4th of July? #TheSims4

Saw this on the Dutch Facebook page. Yet another render of that tiki bar.

The German Facebook page has shared another screen from The Sims 4.

Cornstalks as outdoor décor (forum request) along with 2 other new items from the Old Mill set! #BrunchAtTheOldMill

When your Sim wants to go out, what kind of shoes do they wear?

Who wants this gorgeous lot (by the crazy talented SimGuruKitty) uploaded to the exchange on Old Mill released day?

Look what’s making it’s L-Shaped return soon! #BringingSexyBack

Here's a new screenie! Posted by the French official Sims Twitter.

How many Sims could you squeeze in for a house party in #TheSims4?

What a cozy little place to meet for tea. #BrunchAtTheOldMill

It's a beautiful day! Go outside and hang with friends or stay inside and play The Sims? #TheSims4

Silly question. Play The Sims of course!

Which of these Sims would you want as your neighbors? #TheSims4

How flirty are your Sims?

Be Proud in The Sims 4!

Which do you prefer, Willow Creek during the day, or night?

What’s the cool new thing is this picture that advanced Builders are gonna LOVE? #BrunchAtTheOldMill

Can some corn or make some relish with the new cucumbers! #LookAtThePrettyLights